Pliant announce forum

I will announce only new releases, and security related issues on this forum.

Pliant documentation forum

This forum is dedicated to Pliant documentation writers so that they can
request from Hubert and other developpers the raw documentation material
and details they need to write final documentation that Marcus is managing.

Get in touch with Marcus if you plan to contribute Pliant documentation effort.

If you don't plan to write documentation, please use 'Newbie questions about Pliant' forum.

Pliant journal articles submission forum

You can post here any article you would like to get
published in Pliant journal.

Pliant patch forum

This is the Pliant patch repository.
Any code you expect to be included in Pliant tree should be
posted as a patch here.

On the other hand, don't put anything but code here. For
other stuff, there is the Pliant talk forum.

Newbie questions about Pliant

You can ask any question about Pliant on this forum:
it's dedicated to newbie questions, so you won't disturb advanced users.

Pliant talk forum

This forum is intended to exchange ideas about Pliant,
and discuss design and development strategy.