Newbie questions about Pliant

Newbie questions about Pliant

Installing problem in Win XP

I can't start http server
Message posted by maybe Rogério Justino on 2002/10/27 16:25:14
I have tried to install version 76, but it doesn't works. when I call in my browser http://localhost and the login is asked, i write the login and password end press enter so the server break down. I done it with version 58 and the some thing.
Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/10/27 16:43:57
Please report a copy of your all session at debugging level 1.
Message posted by maybe Rogerio on 2002/10/28 14:04:49
Microsoft Windows XP [versão 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\pliant\pliant\install>install You seem to be running NT Installing Pliant executable in C:\WINDOWS\system32 1 arquivo(s) copiado(s). precompiling Pliant (debugging level 0) Could not find computer name in Pliant configuration database. Please configure it through the HTTP server, then reexecute Pliant installation script. this computer name is in domain security path is file:C:/pliant_security/ data path is file:C:/pliant_data/ memory used: 2076 Kb consumed: 2628 Kb maximum: 2628 Kb precompiling Pliant (debugging level 1) Could not find computer name in Pliant configuration database. Please configure it through the HTTP server, then reexecute Pliant installation script. memory used: 2489 Kb consumed: 3012 Kb maximum: 3012 Kb
Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/10/28 14:20:44
Ok, this is the report of you install session.
Please also report you HTTP server session at debugging level 1.
Message posted by maybe Rogerio on 2002/10/29 14:24:04
C:\pliant>pliant module /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli command 'http_server configure' Using fast weak random generator. Please enter administrator user id: pliant pliant And now the administrator password: pliant ...... HTTP server is running on TCP port 80.
Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/10/29 20:54:26
I bet the problem is with zlib crashing under Windows.
Message posted by michel on 2002/10/29 21:22:28
Hi rogiero
I know this begining but did you wait (a lot of time) up to the ned of message ?
Message posted by maybe Rogério Justino on 2002/10/30 02:42:58
Message posted by maybe Rogério Justino on 2002/10/30 02:44:26
Sorry, for the last aswer. I wait until the end of the msg.
Message posted by maybe Rogerio on 2002/10/30 02:50:30
So, what i have to do ? How can I install pliant on Win XP ?
Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/10/30 09:07:41
I scanned the code related to the know zlib problem and found that the default
style is not using rounded corners (requiering zlib) when under Win32.

So, we need more debugging informations.
What is surprising me is that you don't get any error message at crash time.
Michel, does the Pliant debugger works on Win32 ?
I mean that it works if when Pliant crashes, you get a stack report specifying
where it crashed.

Rogerio, if you can't get more information though the debugger, you can still
pliant verbose 2 module /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli command 'http_server configure'
I'm interested with the last message you get before the crash.
Message posted by michel on 2002/10/30 13:20:02
THe problem is that since I installed Pliant 77 and rename computer.pdb pliant does not crash anymore..
How can I ceate it ? and where have I to look at the message ?
Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/10/30 13:23:19
computer.pdb is zlib encoded, so your problem is the old zlib under Win32
interface problem.

PS: What jpeg DLL is available under Win32 ?
    Is the jpeg DLL interface defined somewhere ?
Message posted by michel on 2002/10/30 14:23:45
I found jpeg1x32.dll et jpeg2x32.dll in /windows/system/ (win 98 SE)
Message posted by maybe Rogerio Justino on 2002/10/30 14:25:52
Attempted to write to an unopened stream
service HTTP request
actions stack is:
service HTTP request
processor stack content is:
error_notify_fatal (ErrorID Str) +14
error_report +61
error_notify (ErrorID Address Str) +85
error  /pliant/language/debug/error1.pli
 (internals) 62 1
. error  /pliant/language/stream/stream.pli
 (internals) 135 1 /pliant/language/stream/stream.pli
 (internals) 141 5
. raw_write  /pliant/language/stream/stream.pli
 (internals) 245 1 /pliant/language/stream/stream.pli (internals) 253 7
Message posted by maybe Rogerio Justino on 2002/10/30 14:26:54
. writeline  /pliant/language/stream/stream.pli
 (internals) 441 1 /pliant/language/stream/stream.pli
 (internals) 443 3 /pliant/language/stream/stream.pli (internals) 386 3
null_filter  /pliant/protocol/http/filters.pli
 (internals) 22 1 /pliant/protocol/http/filters.pli
 (internals) 25 5
. compile_dynamic_page  /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli 
(internals) 779 1 /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli
 (internals) 800 3
. send_file  /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli
 (internals) 1048 1 /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli
 (internals) 1057 19
. answer  /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli
 (internals) 1086 1 /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli 
(internals) 1098 7
. parse_then_answer  /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli
 (internals) 1175 1 /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli (internals) 1300 5
Message posted by maybe Rogerio Justino on 2002/10/30 14:27:26
. service  /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli
 (internals) 1446 1 /pliant/protocol/http/server.pli 
(internals) 1470 5
frozen expression at /pliant/protocol/common/tcp_server.pli 
(internals) 124 1  /
(internals) 124 1 /pliant/protocol/common/
tcp_server.pli (internals) 125 1
thread_execute  /pliant/language/schedule/threads_engine.pli
 (internals) 464 3 /
 (internals) 469 5
??? at 2011628269
Message posted by michel on 2002/10/30 14:30:13
For the jpeg dll they don't come from standard Windows distribution 
but from  a sofware named "imaging for windows" from Kodak
I also foound dll in the JavSoft package
Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/10/30 14:32:18
So, now your problem is clear:
the 'TMP' (or 'TEMP' if there is no 'TMP') environment variable in your system
is pointing a non existing directory, so Pliant fails to create it's temporary

Just set the 'TMP' environment variable properly and everything should work fine.
Message posted by maybe Rogerio Justino on 2002/10/30 22:32:47
Sorry, but, how can I do that ?
Message posted by maybe Rogerio Justino on 2002/10/30 23:10:01
Thanks Tonneau, Know it's working.