Newbie questions about Pliant

Newbie questions about Pliant

Is is possible tu use pliant for gimp/filmgimp plug-ins?

I would like to write something despite of all the pointer
and types stuff as in C or C++ for gimp / filmgimp.

I'm more an artist and see there are many things to do,
only in order to get technical aspects working, not the thought
I want to express with the code.

Hope pliant helps at least with the last as suggested.
Message posted by maybe Kai-Uwe Behrmann on 2003/01/29 21:21:34
I work as an beginner on plug-ins for gimp / filmgimp.
Now I want some plug-ins for gimp / filmgimp to write in an other language.

- Can this be made easiely or do I need many conversion stuff?
  I know there are some special interfaces to perl, python and java. Do I need
  such an interface for pliant too?

- For my addons I would need vectors, libtiff, ICC stuff (lcms)
  and handle some shared memory with the main application.

- One thing would be to comunicate with gimp directly:
  that means to integrate the code into the gimp as loadable module.

The question is more for longterm planing. Thanks in advance.

as well