Newbie questions about Pliant

Newbie questions about Pliant

Puzzling server crash

Message posted by marcus on 2004/01/16 15:38:34
My HTTP server crashed for the third time over the last week.

Everything points to a program (Web page) example that I posted to my students, showing them how to use the file upload stream handling functions.

The error message and the .page file ( are available here.

As you can see, it mentions about an
'Attempted to test read end on an unopened stream ()
execute dynamic page /courses/cps621/labs/ 64 8'
In that line I have a button instruction, within which I open the stream.
Message posted by hubert.tonneau on 2004/01/16 15:52:49
Just change:
    (var Stream s) open imageFile in
    (var Stream s) open imageFile in+safe
to tell Pliant to continue even if the file io fails.