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Bug report: remote execution

With Pliant release 72 (+ patches) I had the remote execution
working, but with 73 I only get "unable to connect" errors.
Message posted by ingo.hohmann on 2002/03/17 19:31:12
Has anything changed in the remote execution? I had it working on rel. 72 (+ all
patches), but on 73 I only get unable to connect.
Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/03/17 20:23:24
I don't think so.
What does the remote execution configuration wizard says ?
Message posted by ingo.hohmann on 2002/03/17 20:29:31
"Everything seems to be OK"

Previously I had these problems when the two versions differed slightly, so I just
tar'ed my main system, and copied it over, but it didn't help this time.
Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/03/17 20:34:47
So, the next question is what does the 'remote execution client' trace says ?
Message posted by ingo.hohmann on 2002/03/17 20:41:35 download patch:

failed to connect to
call /pliant/appli/forum/sync.remote patch_download
output forum_id "Patches73"
output remote_id ""
output title ""
output abstract ""
output server ""
output err "success"

some of my functions:

failed to connect to
call / wvdial_log
output log ""
output tmpfile ""
failed to connect to
call / mail_log
output log ""