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Discussion: Documentation style

Discussion for the specifications of the document style
of the PDI
Message posted by pom on 2002/05/01 07:56:24
The main interest of Pliant styles is to allow a complex standard presentation, while writing simple meaningfull hints in the page codes.

The first step process, which has begun with the documentation was a seek for a proper style coded by hand in each page. This might be a necessary step, but shouldn't be the last...

For instance, header appearence, standard anchors for sections, hyperlink to top, abstract section emphasing documented keywords, syntax explaination, etc. should rely on "standard rules" and then on standard meta.

For instance, the following code may be found in the french documentation:

section "gras"
table columns 2 border 0
    eol ; eol ; image "images/top.png" "inst_page.html#top"
    header "gras (bold)"
If we consider the anchor could be "bold" instead of "gras" (there is a reason for this: URLs should be language independent and anchors related to what is documented), one could ask for a writing like:
docsection "gras" explains "bold"