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Discussion: Better Pliant web site organization

Message posted by hubert.tonneau on 2002/06/27 16:50:46

Here is a preposal for the new Pliant log:

The advise about Tibet situation will futher more be moved away from the top of the home page where it can make new Pliant surfers believe that Pliant is something else than a programming language, and inserted in the 'Pliant computing phylosophie' page. Of course, more changes can be applied in the home page according to Marcus wishes.

Message posted by maybe Hubert Tonneau on 2002/06/27 16:53:29
Oops, the Pliant new logo link was wrong:
Message posted by maybe Marcus on 2002/06/27 18:48:23
I have added the new tentative logo to the draft of my tentative Pliant home
page. I have also moved the Tibet intro to the Pliant computing Phylosophy page.

See the outcome at
Message posted by michel on 2002/07/17 21:39:23
This logo is good for me, it is simple and hopefull.