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Feature request: meta apply

An "apply" meta would be useful, which takes a Function as its
first argument, followed by a list of types and values to pass
as arguments. It would type check the arguments, perform any
casts if necessary, execute the function, and return the result.
Message posted by maybe Michael FIG on 2006/05/05 03:25:49
Does anybody have suggestions on how to write this kind of meta?  Or just
have some code that I could borrow?

Initially, I would just cheat, and do something like:

var Link:Expression app :> new Expression
app add (instruction f (argument ...)...)
app execute

but ideally the meta would not depend on "execute", rather would
generate a platform-specific executable and call it directly.

This is needed to resolve a bootstrapping issue, since the Pliant
compiler depends on using C function pointers directly, and I don't
know how to do that from within Pliant.

An example is in /pliant/language/compiler/expression/expression.c, in

    struct Function *f; [...]

I don't know how to do that in Pliant without invoking "execute".

Message posted by hubert.tonneau on 2006/05/05 08:56:48
> ((PrecompileRewritePrototype)f->exe)(e);

You first declare an indirect function:

function prototype rewrite_prototype e fun
  arg_rw Expression e ; arg Function fun

Then you call it:

rewrite_prototype e f

Message posted by maybe Michael FIG on 2006/05/11 02:40:38
Thank you.