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Discussion: Pretty Look for New Pliant Homepage

I found a nice template for pliant homepage
Message posted by maybe Boris Reitman on 2008/03/07 01:48:25
Hi Hubert,

I think it is important to make the pliant homepage to look nice.

Having it very plane, the way it is right now may appeal to small amount of people, but for Pliant to become a successful language it needs *community*. To build a community, we must advertise Pliant to an idle browser that comes to the site by chance, with little patience. I took a look today at Ruby's 20 minute learning interactive online tutorial, and it was fun and enjoyable, and made me stay there.

In any case, to make a long story short, here is a template I thought to use for my pliant demo website, but if you like, it can be used for main website too,

multiflex template

I plan to record a video and upload it to youtube, showing how to use Pliant UI and build a sample application. That video can go on the fullpliant website.

I have also thought about advertising Pliant on Second Life by giving pliant lectures there.