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User ID First name Name Description
019061597 xu zhao
399999 Isaac Woungang
4volt jeremy peterson just workong on getting pliant working on my w2k server
9877 puk pietje
Aga Aga Aga
AlexAT Alex Tishayev
AlonzoTG Alan Grimes Guy who wants to make an OS that is actually *usable*...

I am *EXTREMELY* impressed by Pliant. =)

Arturo777 Artur Gawrylak
AvaloN Pavel V. Burtovoy I'm 22
My job is serve little network on radio station & make web site of this station.

CodeHungry Code Hungry Computer hobbyist
Codeine Codeine Interested in new ideas based on the old.
Com Colin M
CraF Alexandre CraF
Cypress Philip Parker Just chillin
Danieloak Daniel Carvalho I'm a Eletrical Engineer Student
Earthquake Eduardo Kido Im a college student
I want to learn more about pliant

Earthquake00 Eduardo Kido Im a college student
i want to learn more about pliant

Earthquake2 Eduardo Kido Im a college student
I want to learn more about pliant

Eowusugy eric owusu-gyima
Faré François-René Rideau Méta-louseur Gord Pollock Geek from UWaterloo. CS Undergrad. Currently co-oping at Corel in Linux div.
ImperialWhazoo Markman Baty Man
Israel Israel BenDov
Israel2 Israel Ben Dov
Lala Peter Kubini student
Lena Lena Glushkova
Manthis Psyco unknown
Matteo Matteo Giacomazzi Student of Computer Science, close to the graduation.
Linux developer using C, C++, PHP, Perl, Java.
Interests: mathematics, groupware, Internet, some scientific topics.

Micky Latowicki Micky Latowicki
MickyLatowicki Micky Latowicki A pliant-curious programmer, about to start studying for a Bsc in computer science and cognitive science 10/2001.

Got mostly delphi and c++ experience.

Mike Mike METZ webmaster for AFM (Association Française contre les Myopathies).
Travaille sur PC, MAC et Unix.
HTML, server-side et client-side javascript , Broadvision.

passions : musique et son, civilisation aborigène

autres activités : webdesign, graphisme, communciation

anciennement : programmation en C / windev / cvi / pascal

MrAux lawrence Tan UFO
Norbert Norbert Klamann A developer with an interest in new approaches
Pedro Pedro Barbosa Zanetta Brazilian student (Federal University of Uberlândia - Electric Engineering)
PeterWiehe Peter Wiehe
Ryan Ryan
StefanMandl Stefan Mandl Student of computer science.

Tinman Ford Prefect I am not happy about the whole freedom of information thing....
Xen Xen Xen nothing
Yeshe Philippe Calle Tester of open source languages
Zanoryt Zan Oryt I am me.
aboali Mohamad Aboali
aboali1 aa aa
afardong dong rui newbie
agnes.frederic.goulet Agnes&Frederic Goulet Winefun memebers
ajaborsk Alexandre JABORSKA A linux user (I like C and Python)
ajr Adrian R
albertm Albert M deep
alex Alexandre Joly Programmer of Ariane's project
(Bibliographical scientific database in Pliant)

alex zinine Alex Zinine
alexeilebedev Alexei Lebedev
amfvargas António M. F. Vargas A math teacher.
Programmer (Ada95, C/C++) with a CS degree.
Impressed by Pliant capabilities.
(English is not my natural language :-) )

amontazar Anas mahdi Computer Science student
andreas Andréas Saudemont
andro hasan bilge
anonymous Any not authentificated user.
apm Andrew Andrew Molyneux
apmolyneux Andrew Molyneux
arajappa arun rajappa
astukas00 asta liaukuviene
athena Esther Courier
atvilela André Vilela
auntfloyd Rob Linwood Student at New York University in New York City, USA
backstab Vanessa Charles Je suis sub zero , pour le compte backstab, ou vous pouvez trouvez des tutoriaux, de l'aide , des scripts pour vos site web en HTML, PHP, JAVASCRIPTS et autres
bellecombe rossati giovanni
ben Ben Cooley I'm about six foot one, brownish hair, blue eys, 215lbs, and quite erudite and dashing. ;-)
bnammari Bashar Nammari hard working, dedecating persone
bobptrsn Rob Paterson
bolaadams2003 adams bola
boris Boris Reitman background in mathematics, perl, design patterns,
persistence of objects.

boris_reitman Boris Reitman
borisr_eitman Boris Reitman
borisreitman Boris Reitman live in vancouver, canada

briank Brian Koontz Just learning Pliant...
bstarynkevitch Basile STARYNKEVITCH a computer scientist interested in reflection

cajardim Carlos Jardim
calinp Calin None
cb4 Charles Bray I have very little programming background, although I have
long intended to learn. I'm finally beginning to learn C++
and am slowly getting better at working with Linux. I
discovered Pliant around July 2000, when I was trying to
decide which language to learn first. I've been watching
the forum closely ever since.

I have a strong affinity for Taoism, and Pliant's philosophy
appeals to that love of simplicity, flexibility, and power.
Unfortunately, my current lack of programming skill makes it
impossible for me to evaluate Pliant in a more scientific

I very much like the idea of a Pliant journal -- something
like the COMAL Today journal I subscribed to in the 80's.
I'm fairly skilled in English grammar and spelling
(American spelling), so I may be able to proofread articles
for mistakes in those areas. Also, since I'm such a
beginner, I might be able to point out where an article is
likely to lose or confuse other people like me.

I very much look forward to watching Pliant mature and to
helping where I can. Of course, I especially look forward
to learning how to write my own useful applications in

ccartay Christophe Cartay System Administrator NT4 / UNIX
Fond of OSes and programming languages, looking for innovative ideas in those areas.

cdv del vigna claude
checroun eric checroun PLIANT NOVICE
chhotu chhotu chhotu student
chris chris me
claudine.sylvestre.verger Claudine&Sylvestre Verge winefun members
cmontpla Chad Montplaisir Some guy in Missouri, USA. :o) I'm trying to get up to
speed with Pliant.

cnoize Chaung Cnoize A Linux user.
colette.hyvrard Colette Hyvrard An artist.
cooliobr rafael machadop teste
crackers Edwin Moore Curious geek
cyril.checroun Cyril Checroun A convinced user of pliant.
dada Aldo Calpini perl hacker, win32 slave, linux lover.
and free programmer :-)

daedalus Rubens JC Someone who likes computers and wants to start an FTP server. I'm no one special...
daniel Daniel Borges Ricardo Engineering student
darky ¾È ±æ¼ö ¹é¼ö
davidge Jiwen Ge My name is David Ge. I have many years project expereience on Clien/Server systems and Intranet/internet systems. I hope to learn the latest technology related to internet application and VLDB. Hope to communicate with you for the topic on these fields.
dchalmers Daniel Chalmers IT Consultant
demoman demo demo
dennith Tae hyoung Kim I enjoy spending time in the fresh air either walking,
picnicing or just at a barbecue with friends.
I like to read when I have the time.
Family is important to me and it's great to spend time with
them. I am very hard working and like to keep at
a project until it's finished.

desyatnik Alexey Desyatnik Student interested in alternative programming languages
and technologies (LISP, Forth, Pliant, ...)

dg David Garamond
dgpdx don groves Just discovered Pliant; am excited about the language.
dhlong_vn dhlong dao Programmer
didier.dumas Didier Dumas Heliogroup manager.
digger Andrew Klochkov
dinoyrl Stephen Yen
dissipate You Daman
djyassine Ibrahim NGOUCHEME Student in computer Science : Master Graduated.
dmitry_sidorov Dmitry Sidorov beer
dobbelst Gilbert System/Network engineer
dominique.arnaud.dubois Dominique&Arnaud Dubois Winefun member
doro999 Johan Linux rules! ; )

I'm a hardware-designer, but also writes a lot of software in my line of work...

dpb David Boswell hacker
dysan48 Raj Kumar Nice Guy
echecroun eric checroun PLIANT NOVICE
eder Eder Alves de Moura
elisabeth.vincent.mesnil Elisabeth & Vincent Mesnil Winefun member
elmlish Israel Evans curious, scattered, and quirky.
eu eu fffffff
faraway tit artist
fbazin Frederic bazin
ferriswheel John Egan
fr210761 Fateh REZAIGUIA Trainer in these computer fields : NT & Novell, programming with VB, Markup Languages, JavaScript, Php, Macromedia Dreamweaver & Director.
My wish is to develop a free (and efficient) distant training system on the net... I hope to find someone to help me...
Otherwise, i love my 2 children and my family, and i hope that humans take care of our earth !

fragermk Mike Frager Hacker
francis.cousin Francis Cousin HelioGroup
francois.pineau François Pineau An artist.
frd Fernando Raya Hello i'm looking this beautiful proyect
fweytjens frank weytjens
gahigg gary higgins just a tester
gennaro.forgione Gennaro Forgionne HelioGroup staff
george george marra
george.mendes George Marra User Pliant from Federal University
of Uberlandia - Brazil

gluk Gluk Johnson I am.
goetz Alecsandru CHIROSCA
gord Gordon Matzigkeit A GNU hacker, who is very interested in decentralized,
efficient, Free Software systems. Pliant is a very
good project, with similar goals as mine.

grings Alexandre Grings
guillermo.garcia Guillermo Garcia Skeurope
gvv Gary V. VAughan GNU Hacker and Freelance Technical Author

handy Hidden Andy just another tester
harlinn Espen Harlinn Developer
hearthstone jan hearthstone I am learning symbolic logic now, am intrigued; want to learn a programing language to be able to understand how to operate Linux better.

hemerly Mauro Gazzani A person very interested to learn Pliant and to use it.
her Helmut Enck-Radana sw developer
herasim Ivan Petrenko Computer Enthusiast
hilbert hilbert wong My name is Hilbert from Hongkong. I would like to know more about your service.
hjk sry sry student
hubert.tonneau Hubert Tonneau Pliant initial developper.

I work for Heliosam, a compagny which engraves cylinders
for helio printing, also Pliant is my personnal project,
not the compagny one.

ibm1130 Ben Franchuk A small computer user with a 24 bit CPU.
idknow Brian An Eternal Student of GOD above.
ignite Ivan Gudym
iho Ingo Hohmann I am always learning
ilya ilya mezhirov student from Moscow
imran imran zaidi 4th year computer science student
ingo.hohmann Ingo Hohmann I try to improve the user interface of pliant, because
I am too stupid to work with it right now ...

izaidi imran zaidi 4th Year Computer Science Student.

jAnA janna rusnac
jacobfan Fan Guanping Hi,my name is Fan Guanping(Fan is my family name).
I am from China.

janna Janna Rusnac
jaona.randria jaona randria
jcob Jakub Safar IT is my work&hobby,ridin'linux since '95 ... still feel like i know too little
jhanna777 John Hanna Curious about Pliant
jm.pons Jean-Marie Pons HelioGroup (Eurogravure manager)
jm.tonneau Jean Michel Tonneau
johan.boule Johan Boulé Student
jrusnac jana rusnac
jrwebb Joe Webb Common man interested in novel approaches to end-user computing.
jsbthree john bransford curious human
karine.cordel Karine Cordel helioGroup
karingo kar ingo
kaseyski casey casey alive and thinking
kazuya Kazuya Sakakihara A software engineer nick just a pc enthauist(however you spell it) who wants to fun a small ftp http server of his machine
kozmikyak Matthew J. Probst
kseto Ken Seto I'm a computer science student at Ryerson University.
ktm Kit McCormick Hacker
lanbonx Norazlan Mohd. Nordin curious
lavenac Claude Lavenac
leblocks Fernando Fonseca Nada a dizer
lee lee ley
leeley lee ley
lena glushkova lena
lifesource Vadim Nesterov
lifesoure Vadim Nesterov Trying to find something for my brain:)
lionel Li zhou pliant tester
liufei liufei
ljordao Leonardo Jordao Beginer programer in Pliant.
lmartin Lester Martin Please Help Me With Pliant
loic.dumas Loic Dumas Loic is teaching computing basics at Heliosam.
lyonelle.lepiouff Lyonelle Lepiouf Prohelio association
mac Marco
maju88 Mário Gilberto Eichler Júnior Eu não escrevo bem em inglês.
sou um curioso em computadores há 20 anos.

maphew matt wilkie curious explorer
marciafu marciafu marciafu
marcus Marcus Santos
maria bumaki maria 4 year computer science student
martine.eric.mesnil Martine et Eric Mesnil
max Massimiliano Ghilardi Difficult to say... optimization fanatic,
I do not like to make the same thing twice (boring),
so I often end up writing automatic source generation scripts.
Developer of a pair of free software programs,
I also use high-level languages but I do not like them
very much since (until now) they usually compile
to stupid and unoptimal code (like C++ pass-by-value
'return' statement for big classes)

max_coppo Massimo Copelli Beatuifull
maximax111 je ne le donne pas non plus
mesnil Eric & Martine Mesnil Winefun member
michaelt86 michael tripo i am a computer freak
michel Michel de Mendez A retired generalist engeener Michel de Mendez
mikesl Michal Kaukic Teaching math...
mitiay mitiay
mivl Mikhail Akulov
mj.legendre Michel & Jaqueline Legendre Michel & Jaqueline Legendre
mj.tarditi Marie Jeanne Tarditi heliogroup
mlinksva Mike Linksvayer
mortee mortee mortee
msr10 Mikey Mike
mujtaba Mujtaba Hasni Student
mvs Marcus Vinicius Santos I am an assistant professor of computer scienceat Ryerson University
n.g Nicolas Gautrin
naasking Sandro An engineering student researching various programming languages.
nathanboone Nathan Boone Technician looking for a cheaper server operating system.
ngoucheme Ngoucheme Ibrahim Student in computer Science
nick Nicholas Spies I got into programming with Hewlett/Packard calculators
in the 1970s and then got a Tandy TRS-80 Model I, then a
FORTH system (which functioned as the operating system as
well as everything else (all in 48K RAM!). I most wrote
programs for converting back and forth between film
feet/framse and HH:MM:SS.FF of SMPTE timecode for video.
I co-authored "FORTH: A Text and Reference", published in
1986 by Prentice-Hall, and have done multimedia and other
programming. I've also prostituted myself working on
MS Excel and MS Access programming.

I'm interested in a variety of languages (FORTH, Python,
LISP, etc) and am mainly a curious dillitant rather than a
'professional'. Vincenzo Ciancia A hungry but lazy programmer which likes functional programming and mad things like theese
nicolas.gautrin Nicolas Gautrin
nspies Nicholas Spies See 'nick'- I didn't put a password in before
nunzio dan newbi admin
oliof Harald Wagener just another passer-by
owl Victor Sovetov
owlbird Victor Sovetov
paduf38 Paul Dufresne I used to like to learn every gnu programming language
out there, but now I try to integrate myself back in
the society, and avoid lurking the net.

pascal.moles pascal moles linux administrator
lan administrator Pascale et Jean Pierre Genet Winefun members
paul Paul Dufresne A curious Java programmer.
pdan Popescu Dan PDan
pecha Pablo
perry perry zhou from google
peter P. Behroozi A pliant user.
pixel pixel programming languages addict and free software only guy
polido Filipe Polido portuguese hacker
pom Patrice Ossona de Mendez CNRS researcher in discrete mathematics, with a specialisation in Graph Drawing.
putra_11 Brahmaputra Reddy flexible and co-operattive.
qshi q shi
qwe Maksim test
ramacdon Rick MacDonald developer
raspberrysnotgobblingwizard Steve Keel Dabbler
rcook Robert C Wright Intermediate Python programmer. Former C/C++ commercial
printing programmer. Retired, 77 years old, not as sharp as I
once was.

rcury Cury Filho Reny Teacher
reasamp Reasamp Multiplier
reddok Vlasov Vladimir
reitman Boris Reitman Mathematically inclined musician
reny Reny Reny Cury Filho I'm a Teacher in Brazil.
renycury Reny Reny Cury Filho I'm a Teacher in Brazil.
richard Richard Westlake
root Marcus
rossati rossati giovanni Developers
safti Stefan Guha curious
saibhui alan hui XD
saunders Chris Saunders hobbyist
sdfg asdf adfs asdf
sedinin Andre Sedinin Programmer
sidr Dmitry Sidorov beer
simplismic Tim Farnum School Psychologist, Folk Singer, and computer hobbyist
smoerk Smoerk Dundei
soeirodefaria Reginaldo Tadeu Soeiro de Faria Soeiro
sourcejedi Alan Alan Jenkins kid programmer
sourcejedit Alan Jenkins kid programmer
sp Stefan Plantikow Computer science student at Humboldt-University of Berlin,
interested in all kinds of modern computer language aproaches.

specmurt Egor Pervuninski Cool guy :)
splash Stefan Plantikow
stevek Stephen Kennedy
subzero sub zero subzero
svennie Sven Paulus
sza2king Sza2 King ?
szamo Gábor Náray
tarun tarun jain tarun jain from logicnext
tarun.jain Tarun jain Software developer from India.
testaccount aáeéiíoóöõuúüû AÁEÉIÍOÓÖÕUÚÜÛ This account can be deleted.
tester mat groening nix
tfleming Todd Fleming
thomas Thomas Pkoroky I am first
thomas01 Thomas Necinos I dont know
thomasb Thomas Bakketun
tietjed david tietje engineer
tiq Dawid Zabrocki hm.. HI :)
tohdol woojin jeon I'm an ASIC designer for cdma2000 baseband modem
tshepo t x jjjjjj
tsr Tomas Sanchez Romani Not today, I'm not feeling so well...
u007 james simple programmer in http, web asp, php and cgi, c and c++, java and keen to learn more about linux :P
valexvo alex vonica test
vanleth Christian Van Leth
vany.didier.dumas Valentine et Didier DUMAS winefun members
varzosu Cioaba v It is me
vetal Vitaly I'm a programmer.
vj Vagn Johansen SW Engineer (Embedded systems)
wayne77 Wayne Wayne
whitingma Michael Whiting pliant learner
willer Willer
woodelf Ben Franchuk a SMALL computer user with a 24 bit CPU.
wsh Wlad S. Hanciuta
xaos t miller tired
xenotyrant Chad Secret an asshole.
xtian Christian Muirhead
yann Yann Vernier Linux specialist and C programmer, I sometimes do random snippets of code.
I've worked on libbt, picogui, and some other projects.

zephc Zeph C CS student
zer0her0 Andrew Meier Just a student exploring
zhucj Zhu Chuanjing Hello World!