These are the various integer types available in Pliant:
Int processor sized integer
Int8 8 bits encoded integer
Int16 16 bits encoded integer
Int32 32 bits encoded integer
Int64 64 bits encoded integer
Intn variable size integer
uInt processor sized positive integer
uInt8 8 bits encoded positive integer
uInt16 16 bits encoded positive integer
uInt32 32 bits encoded positive integer
uInt64 64 bits encoded positive integer

The only assertion you are allowed to do about Int and uInt  encoding is that it is at least 32 bits.

a + b

sums the two numbers
If the debugging level is equal or greater than 2 and the operation leads to an overflow, a run time error will be reported

a - b


a * b


a \ b

integer division (the result is an integer)

a % b

integer modulus (the result is the rest of the integer division)

a ^ b


a .+. b
a .-. b
a .*. b
a .^. b

same as the previous ones, but overflows are ignored.

.not. a
a .and. b
a .or. b
a .xor. b

bit operations.