Pliant is very slow to start my program !

You have to precompile it.

When I start the Pliant HTTP server in order to read the documentation, it returns without reporting any error message.

Your network configuration is probably broken or TCP/IP support is not installed on your system. See 'Starting the Pliant HTTP server' in the running Pliant programs page.

My Pliant program does not work.

Test it using debugging level 2 at least. (see the end of running Pliant programs for more details about the various debugging levels).

I dont't find the answer to my problem here.

Get back to Pliant home page which will give you access to the Pliant users forum.
If the answer to your problem is not there either, you can post a message. Hubert will be glad to try to answer.
Don't be shy: your question will never be as stupid as Pliant documentation is poor :-)