We currently assume that are using a linux based system and will download the Pliant archive file in the /tmp directory.
If you plan to download it elsewhere, please specify the directory where you want to download it, then press 'update' button.
I will download pliant-96.tgz  in

Download pliant-96.tgz archive file in /tmp directory.
Get a shell, then type in:
cd /
tar -zxv -P -f /tmp/pliant-96.tgz
This will install Pliant in the /pliant/ directory.

Question: I dont what to install Pliant in /pliant/ directory because it's not possible on my Unix system. Can I install it somewhere else ?
Answer: Yes, it should. More details available here

Ready to use binaries are included in the pliant-96.tgz file, so you have nothing to do at this step. Lucky you :-)

Now, if you want to compile Pliant yourself anyway, then just type in:

type in:
This will precompile the Pliant default extensive environment (PDEE) in /pliant/binary/ directory. (more details)