We currently assume that are using a win32 based system and will download the Pliant archive file in the \temp directory.
If you plan to download it elsewhere, please specify the directory where you want to download it, then press 'update' button.
I will download pliant-96.zip  in

Download pliant-96.zip archive file in \temp directory.

If you haven't installed the unzip utility for Win32 yet, please see instructions on Infozip site.

Open a DOS prompt window, then type in:
cd \
unzip \temp\pliant-96.zip
This will install Pliant in the \pliant directory.

It is possible to install Pliant on any unit (C: D: etc) because Pliant loader will try all of them.

Ready to use binaries are included in the pliant-96.zip file, so you have nothing to do at this step. Lucky you :-)
type in:
This will precompile the Pliant default extensive environment (PDEE) in /pliant/binary/ directory. (more details)