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Now, the Pliant language is a bridge between the two last levels. Prior languages focus either on the semantics, handling a program as a set of expression-trees (e.g. LISP) but fail to be efficient at code level, or focus on efficiency, needing a program to be stated as a set of instructions (C), hence failing to be intuitive and easy to use (by a human).

A language is a bridge between the human way of thinking of an algorithm and the computer way of coding a program. I assert that Pliant is the best one available yet, because it addresses this bridging goal at the highest level of flexibility.

There seems to be roughly two kinds of people sitting in front of computers:

The second, but most important Pliant goal, is to help the users to slowly become programmers by providing a smooth path to programming.

This is very consistent with the FSF philosophy because, if people learn to program, then they want free software, because they get interested in how software is built.

This is also very productive at company or organization level because the ability to write all code using a single language, means better internal communication and load sharing since more people (I mean advanced end users, not only dedicated programmers) will be able to read, and submit small but very time saving improvements in the code. Basically, it enables any organization to internally switch from a closed softwares like model (a huge closed and over-helmeted computing department handles everything) to an open software like model where some advanced users may contribute to the software development, and it is possible because Pliant is a reasonable tool for both professional programmers and advanced end users.

This is the Pliant overall project logo.
The character on the Pliant logo is the Pliant computer.

There are several logo for various Pliant applications all displaying the Pliant computer.
The main one is derived from the Tibetan flag in order to recall that it is a country which is still invaded and oppressed by China, although the Tibetan leader actually spreads a peaceful and persevering request for freedom: It represents nothing less than a real world philosophical model for free softwares.

This is the Tibetan flag.

Free people is even more important than free softwares.
I'd really like to make the world just a little bit better for my children, I mean more friendly, and I believe that helping the Tibet get free is an obvious way to start with.
You can get more informations about Tibet situation here or even more at

As a french citizen, what upsets me most is when french guys proclame France as 'pays des droits de l'homme' (human rights country), and even worse, provide moral lessons to other countries.

It offends me as a person because it's just false, and makes me ashame as part of this country, because denying our responsibility in past massacre means:

Here is a link to some interesting informations gathered about France action is Africa: Enqu괥 sur le massacre des Bamil髩s