Pliant Perl binding
Boris Reitman Perl bindings enable to use the vaste Perl libraries set (SQL frontends, GUIs, etc) from a Pliant program.
Pliant documentation initiative
This site run by Marcus Vinicius Santos is sorting out Pliant documentation, adding pieces in order to build an overall consistent Pliant documentation.
Patrice Ossona de Mendez Pliant site
As a very innovative researcher, Patrice always has a set of nice Pliant gadgets you may want to look at. Highly recommended to better understand how Pliant works.
A Pliant sample code repository
You will find here various samples collected and commented by John Eikenberry.
If you Plan to make a Pliant wrapper for a C library, his tutorial is a must.
Another one dedicated to the HTTP server
How to add extensions to the .page file format, and use various informations provided by the HTTP server, by Yvan Godin.
A retargetable Pliant compiler
Gordon Matzigkeit is providing here a Pliant cross compiler, at very early stage.
The first Annual Symposium on Pliant Implementation and Concepts held in Paris on april the 3rd 2000.
The report by Fran篩s-Ren頒ideau is also available online.

They are the organization that invented and formalized free software notion through the GNU General Public License. If you are interested in better understanding what free software means, and how important it is, this is the place to start with.
An outstanding software repository if you are looking for free or Linux softwares.
A very informative site about softwares.
Linux weekly news
A very good news site about Linux and free softwares in general.
A good directory of Scientific Applications for Linux.
A rot13 implementation for every language you can imagine including Pliant.

Interesting prime numbers
There is a guy trying to get around some stupid lobbying laws. Good luck .

Soon, this will become impossible to maintain :) but these are websites known to use Pliant http server.
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