Last check on 2001/12/9

Pliant language has been designed and created by Hubert Tonneau over 15 years.

The current code is including many extra contributions from:
Pliant core team
Currently active contributors
Other contributors
Many thanks to all of them.

Anyway, there are still a few Highly required extra contributors in the project.

The Pliant core team is currently:
Patrice Ossona de Mendez
  • Polishing Pliant core compiler engine
Hubert Tonneau
  • Now mainly updating the documentation
  • Polishing Pliant low level libraries
  • Polishing Pliant built in applications
  • Polishing FullPliant operating system
Marcus Vinicius Santos
  • Pliant documentation coordinator

Pliant currently active contributors:
Loic Dumas
  • Wrote documentation about the .page format
  • Main new features tester
  • Teaching Pliant to some Heliogroup users
  • Deploying FullPliant computers at Heliogroup
Michel de Mendez
  • Writing some documentation in french
  • Main Win32 tester (also lacks programming capabilities)

Pliant other contributors:
Thomas Bakketun
  • Complete serial port support (R58).
  • Corrected site assignment in the HTTP server (R48).
  • Provided a patch solving incorrect hanling of 'append' flag under Win32 for 'Stream' data type (R34).
  • Provided the 'flagset' data type initial implementation (R33).
Johan Boulé
  • Improvements in the Win32 port (R56).
Oleg Cherevko
  • Ported to FreeBSD, and suggested a better organization for the 'os_' functions (R37).
Antonio Eduardo Costa Pereira
  • Pointed out weak implementation for division and casting to string functions on large integers(R40)
John Eikenberry
  • Helped answering questions in the Pliant forum
  • Reviewed and improved the overall Pliant project documentation (R34)
  • 'CChar' data type (R34)
  • External variables mapping (R34)
  • Deployed a site providing various Pliant samples at
Stephanie Eikenberry
  • Reviewed and improved the overall Pliant project documentation (R34)
Jerry Fass
I miss this guy because I was very happy to work with somebody that had no programming capabilities at all, and to discover all he could provide anyway.
  • Wrote the page that list various Web sites pointing to Pliant
  • Was promoting Pliant on various Web sites
  • Slowly corrected bad english in various Pliant documentation pages
Bert Frederiks
  • Tested the Pliant static version on a tiny computer, and reported various bugs (R11)
Yvan Godin
  • Many usefull preposals for the HTTP server.
Ingo Hohmann
  • Feedback about the HTTP server configuration design (R49)
  • Usefull proposals (such as building a static version of the documentation)
  • Reported the unsigned arithmetic bug (R21)
Gordon Matzigkeit
  • Corrects my most frequent incorrect english words.
  • Created an advanced loader prototype.
  • Provided the first implementation of 'enumerated' data type.
  • Will package Pliant for Debian (may be ?).
William Merriam
  • Corrected some parts of the documentation (R38).
David Morneau
  • Corrected the documentation (R12)
  • Various small improvements proposals
Daniel Neri
  • Ported to OpenBSD (R41).
  • Usefull informations on how to use various free ressouces on the Internet.
  • Detailed report of the ASPIC 2000.
Andr顳 Saudemont
  • Suggestions about better unix rights (R4)
  • First reader of the documentation
  • Tested the installation process (R4)
Helene Tonneau
  • Drew the images for the Pliant web site (R34)
Knut Virow
  • Pointed out incorrect constants overflow checking in the parser (R32)
Should your or one of your contributions be missing in this list, please feel free to drop me a mail. The least a free project can do is properly list it's contributors.

Pliant highly required extra contributors:
Win32 port Somebody with programming capabilities to deaply test (and add the very fiew missing parts in) the Win32 port. See the status page for extra details.
Code generator Somebody with advanced programming capabilities interested in studying and porting to Pliant various well known code optimizing algorithms in order to polish the current code generator. (extra details)
Documentation Many minors contributions through correcting various documentation pages (English is not my native language).
Journal Some articles step by step specifying how to do something concret with Pliant (please get in touch with me) so that your article can come part of the Pliant journal.
Another area where external contributions are expected is interfacing (wrappers) to external well known softwares (such as MySQL, KDE Qt, Gnome GTK, Corba, etc). All these are currenly outside Pliant core team goals, but worth sharing with other Pliant users anyway.