Pliant release 96 is the stable release before I try to lay down the storage subsystem.

See changes log for extra details.

Pliant Documentation Initiative
The new, much improved, Pliant documentation is slowly moving here.
Presentation and installation
Pliant design, license, status, how to download it, first steps guide and tutorial.
The Pliant language specifications
This is the documentation about the language itself, the low level libraries, and the compiler internals.
Pliant core applications
This is the documentation about higher level features (applications such as the HTTP server or the database engine).
FullPliant operating system
Use Pliant as an whole operating system on top of Linux kernel.
Pliant forums:   announce forum  newbie questions forum  talk forum  patch forum
Here you can exchange questions and ideas with other Pliant users.

Browse Pliant files or datas or types or even system files
This will allow you to travel through Pliant site files tree or database and view individual files or datas.
Configuring the server
This will allow you to setup the Pliant HTTP, SMTP, ... servers, using a user friendly interface with inline documentation.

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